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8 (846) 332-67-81 Перезвоните мне
ежедневно с 10.00 до 19.00, без перерывов
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Композиция "У плетня парень с девушкой"

2 555 р.


  • Материал: керамика
  • Размер: 135 х 75 х 105 мм
  • Ручная работа

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Ceramic products are clay products that have been fired. Our ceramic Souvenirs are made with love and especially for our store!

The author's work of the Samara ceramic artist Yuri Cherepov.

The Russian people cherish the traditions created by their ancestors over the centuries. In everyday activities and celebrations, in important life events traced the imprint of customs. The usual life of Russian peasants consisted of master's work at home, caring for cattle and plowing in the field. Working days came early in the morning, and in the evening, as soon as the sun was at sunset, a difficult working day ended with an evening meal, prayer and sleep.

In many countries, including Russia, today there is a great tradition to wear a national costume not only on any thematic holiday, but also during a pleasant leisure time, for example, among friends, after work. It looks joyful, bright, colorful and positive. In folk costumes there is something magical, fascinating, stable. Any person is very important to know their origins, roots-belonging to the age-old traditions gives him a sense of security and importance.

All these features of Russian life with love artist Yuri Skulls in his original miniature products!

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